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  2. To set the record straight is not the YouTube user named Findize. We have no knowledge of the YouTube video about the Danish mother. But, we certainly appreciate you finding us and posting your note.

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  3. Hi Soren,

    Thanks for the call earlier today about the YouTube video. I still haven’t viewed it, but since it’s stirring up a controversy with our web brand, I better check it out soon.

    We selected the name to brand a simple process for being found on the web and were able to acquire it a few months ago. We posted our first content a couple of days ago. The site is barely launched and here we are with someone on YouTube with “Findize” as the user name. They are not us. But, I can’t say it’s hurting our traffic. I was hoping to have a YouTube channel for Findize, but it looks like we will have to come up with a new one.

    I hope the woman in the video finds the guy. And if she’s an actress, I hope she gets a gig. It must be pretty compelling to have you Danes seeking us out. Like they say in the business…Break a Leg!

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