Marketing Plan

Find – Test – Build

These Three Simple Steps lead to a Marketing Action Plan to take charge of your marketing and sales, test how you are doing and build on what works best for you:

  • Evaluate Your Marketing and Web Site
  • Benchmark and Correct
  • Current & Potential Markets
  • Analyze Keyword Niches
  • Conversions & Sales
  • Test Traffic in Niches & Segments
  • Communicate, Track & Manage
  • Monitor Marketing Metrics
  • Evaluate Against Benchmarks
  • findize marketing action plan
    Enhance Winners - Discard Losers
  • Focus on Conversions
  • Optimize Ad Dollars
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The Findize Marketing Action Plan identifies opportunities and challenges in your general and web marketing, and sequences a series of actions to enhance your marketing and results:

  • One: Evaluation and Review
  • Two: Install Analytics, Benchmark Test and Correct Obvious Errors:
  • Three: Identify Current and Potential Target Markets
  • Four: Analyze Site and General Marketing for Keyword Niches
  • Five: Evaluate Conversion Funnel – Correct Immediate Problems in Sales Process
  • Six: Create & Test Paid Traffic Marketing Campaigns
  • Seven: Create and Test Autoresponders and Email Marketing
  • Eight: Monitor Conversions and Campaigns
  • Nine: Evaluate Against Benchmarks
  • Ten: Enhance Winners – Discard Losers
  • Eleven: Focus on Conversion Optimization
  • Twelve: Optimize PPC Campaign and Start Link Building

When you Findize we start at the basic level of understanding your business, your market, how you attract customers and how you sell your services.   We do this for both your web site and general marketing campaigns.

We then look closely at your current web site by adding Analytics to your account or reviewing your current analytics, traffic flow, entry and exit pages, sources and referrals, keywords and keyword phrases used, and conversion results pages.  We look at terms within your business that are not reflected on your pages, in your site traffic that are market gaps and niches for growth.

We generate a Preliminary Report and Evaluation for your review while correcting immediate traffic blocking and conversion problems on your web site. Before investing in long term SEO and Social Media Marketing, your site needs to be tested with increased traffic around your top keyword search areas, and those that are potential niches that are unexplored.

We create Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter accounts for you with test campaigns.  We also set up Autoresponders to instantly communicate with those that respond to your click campaigns and Email communications for follow up.  Based on your advertising budget, we optimize your bidding and placement strategy against known and potential keywords.  We install conversion tracking to inform you of costs per response for each of the campaigns.  This cost factor is compared to your overall marketing budget and new customer acquisition costs.

Now that we have identified your overall marketing plan, how your site functions, and begun testing keyword campaigns against known analytic data and conversion results, we encourage you to optimize your sites’ ability to convert traffic to responders, leads and customers next.  We do this before any major investment in SEO content generation, link building and long term site traffic building.

You need landing pages that convert at an optimum rate.  Again, based on your site traffic and budget, we have alternatives from professional anecdotal reviews, A/B testing, to full multivariate combinatorial page element testing.  This will result in the best converting pages available at your businesses current level of operations.

Once your site and offers are optimized for conversions, with tracking and analytics in place, you are ready to begin generating both increased PPC traffic as well as content for link building.  We operate within the white hat strategies and current expectations of Google and Bing for content optimization. For Local Businesses, we make sure that Google and Bing find you in their current version of Places/Local.  This is a constantly changing landscape and we help keep you abreast of what you need to know and do.

We recommend the appropriate strategy and specific systems for capturing mobile and local customers looking for you or a competitor right now.  We assist your generation of reviews and citations that enhance your findability and reputation. We can develop marketing offers to get them to respond to you and not your competitors’.

No matter how you Findize, by purchasing time credits or packaged services, you will have a better handle on your world facing marketing on the web.

Call us at (760)779-9960 to Findize your marketing today.