Findize Basic

Site and General Marketing Review, Optimization, Analytics, Test Ad Campaign, Conversion Tracking, Test Marketing Evaluation:

Findize Basic includes:

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  • Site Review and Report
  • General Marketing Review and Report
  • Keyword and Phrase Research
  • Page Titles, Description and Graphic Tags Optimization
  • Site Map and Site Map submission
  • Google AdWords Account Set-up,
  • Bing AdCenter Account Set-up includes Yahoo Search
  • PPC Ad Creation
  • Keyword Testing
  • Google Analytics Account
  • Conversion Monitoring Set-up
  • $500 PPC Spend Test Budget


Just sign up and we’ll get your site found by prospects and buyers.

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  • Findize Basic is the place to start for the best value in our packaged services.
  • Findize Basic identifies the areas in your business, marketing and web marketing that are holding you back.
  • Use Findize Basic to put measurement tools in place to monitor the effectiveness of all your web marketing.
  • Findize Basic will adjust obvious problem features on your site that prevent you from being properly discovered by Google, Bing and other search engines.
  • Findize Basic will identify the keyword phrases that your site currently targets.  It will also identify the primary areas that your site avoids targeting.  These are areas where your competitors are taking away business from you.
  • Findize Basic will allow you to compete in your market on the web.


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