Branding and Domains

There are times when you will need to create a new brand or recreate your existing brand identity for better SEO and conversion optimization.  We provide creative services to assist in “Best Web Brand” creation for your business and web sites.

What is a Web Brand?

Your Web Brand is a combination of your business name, identity, your primary products & services, your domain name (URL), your reputation and more.

You should evaluate your web brand if:

  • You have a new business,
  • You have new services or products under your current business,
  • Your Domain Name (URL) has performance problems in the search rankings,
  • Your Customers have difficulty finding you on the Web,
  • Your products and services are highly competitive for search,
  • You have multiple web sites offering various brand experiences
  • More

Findize Branding and Domain Services

When you need a new brand, we will help.  We assist your creative process to discover excellent web brands and domains to use for your business, products or services.  Once discovered, we can secure them for you and design your site with built-in SEO technology.  We’ll add content, test it for function, speed, keyword access and conversion optimization.

If you currently run multiple sites competing for search exposure, we can evaluate their impact on your overall efforts and optimize a web brand strategy.

Findize Your Brand:

  • Evaluate your current brand and domain
  • Evaluate your performance on brand and domain related keywords
  • Create multiple options for Domain Names and Brands
  • Assist in acquiring targeted Domain Names
  • Create and Locate Relevant Content to support chosen Brands & Domains
Disclaimer: Findize does not provide legal council regarding the use or acquisition of brand or domain names.  You should always consult your attorney for guidance for the use of any brand identity.