Market Evaluation

Market Evaluation is the initial key step in growing your market and customer base while minimizing risk and cost.  There are three areas to evaluate when Findizing your business and web site:

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  • Your Current Market,
  • Your Potential Market,
  • Your Findize Results


Your Current Market

Step One in Findizing is to Review your current marketing and sales programs and methods.  We look at how you market.  We examine your web site to see how well it matches your overall brand.  We look at how visitors find your web site, how they move through your site, and how you convert them from visitor to prospect to customer.  We identify the factors that are helping… and those that are hurting.

Your Potential Market

Step Two in Findizing is to uncover your potential market.  We find the places where you can grow the universe of prospects at the top of your marketing funnel.  We identify systems, processes and procedures to move prospects to “Raise their hands” to identify themselves for immediate contact, additional information, presentation, and purchase.  We assist in marketing budget planning, and implementing the plan.  We work with the top providers of third party marketing services to grow your universe and convert them to customers.

Your Findize Results

We monitor the results of all Findize operations against the benchmarks of your current results, optimizing for benefits versus costs, enhancing program areas that work for you, while minimizing those that don’t.